ok, so you have a link you want to post.
1) log in to the sculptureuog page
2) go to “Posts”, near the top off to the right, and select “new post”
3) in the topmost field enter a title for the link
4) go to the upload/insert box and click the blue “link”
5) in the window that opens paste your link address and hit “ok”
6) after the “> arrow thing enter a name for the link
7) then close the link by hitting the blue link thing again
Paul McCarthy wiki
8) and thats about it.
9) you can also add other links to people’s entries by editing their post.

maybe add some comments by typing in the “upload insert” box, let us know who you are and what you think about the post. And if you can figure out where this yellow guy with the shades came from, please let me know…