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Tom at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Interview with Tom

The Subjecter

“I want to produce a work that dares to enter into contact with non-art” – T.H.

Black and White Hemisphere

Mixed Media Collage

Text: Hirschhorn on his art and his piece “The Procession”

“I love the sculptures that are carried during protest marches or demonstrations. They are quickly-created objects that have an unambiguous mission: to give form to a deplorable state of affairs! I love these objects, because they are universal. They possess the utopian power inherent to a universal pictorial language.” – T.H.

Hirschhorn at Documenta 11: “Bataille Monument”

“I’m interested in the ‘too much,’ doing too much, giving too much, putting too much of an effort into something. Wastefulness as a tool or weapon.” – T.H.

Video Clip: Hirschhorn speaking about his work