Bauhaus Hotties

From an architecture website, you can now put a face to the name of those mysterious hotties:
Bauhaus Hotties

– Delia


Article on Chinese Architecture

I found this article by chance, and it happened to be relevant to our reading for this week, seems interesting, enjoy!



Absalon at KW Berlin


Shangart gallery

stills of “forever”
Forever Video
artist list

Hou Hanru

“The Spectacle of the Everyday”

Shenkman Lecture

Public Lecture-HouHanru

Alora May

Albers and Black Mountain College

Here’s a brief summary of BMC from PBS’s American Masters series:
Black Mountain College

A more in depth history from the Black Mountain College Project, who are interested in preserving the memory, history and influence of the college:

BLack Mountain College Project
(Albers is first mentioned at the end of the 1930’s and again after he left in the 1940’s)

Who taught Picasso to weld?


Julio Gonzalez

-J. Donnelly